Realista is a real estate platform that operates outside of MLSs and XMLs and gives agents the ability to stay in control of their listings and personal brand. An agent can connect directly with buyers and renters and stay up to date with the market by also following other agents.
Our platform removes barriers to entry and allows for direct connectivity between agents, buyers and renters. Realista offers a solution to a major problem currently existing within the real estate industry, being excessive marketing fees. Agents are able to upload listings directly to the market for free without the need for a CRM and buyers can set their preferences to receive properties directly via their My Feed.
Realista is available on all platforms: IOS, Android and Desktop.
There are no fees associated with listing property on Realista.
Realista has dedicated platforms for Australia, New Zealand and the USA.
Once you have signed up you can use either our app or desktop site to upload your listings. The property will then be shared with buyers and renters in your network and can be found by other users searching in that area, internationally or domestically.
Signing up to Realista is easy! As a buyer/renter you will be prompted to enter your email address and create a password, you can then set your property preferences and start receiving properties via your My Feed. Agents sign up using their agency email address as well as entering areas of specialization and the real estate agency they are representing. The Realista team will then approve the profile, after which it will be visible to all users.
Yes, the platform was designed to cater for commercial agents and property listings. This information can be found by visiting the ‘Commercial’ tab.